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Containing over 400 pages of commentary, research, opinion and futures from HR and HR technology leaders joining Marc S Miller in providing insights (and fun) for anyone in an “HR Job” (anyone working as an HR professional for any organization at any level), the career journey of one Ms. H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job (HR JOB) continues. “She” is now deemed “critical and needed” (if not “Immortal”).

This, after being targeted and “done away” with in my previous book (The Death of HR: Who Killed H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job? – a Cautionary Tale and a Detective Story) in 2018 BC (before COVID) by a conspiracy within her own organization for being an “obstacle to progress” and “non- strategic”. Harriet Rose Job was able to RESURRECT herself. How did this happen?

Enter Ms. Connie Vid – (COVID). As a result of the Pandemic the function of HR was at the center of it all in figuring out what needed to be done in order for companies and their workforce to survive the impact of the Pandemic.

Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HRJOB) became critical and needed, (if not IMMORTAL!) by changing her MINDSET and seeking collaborations with her many colleagues, including Mr. Tali Managementi (Talent Management), Mr. Bebe Boomer, Mr. Mel Lenial, Ms. Jennifer Zee, Mr. Gene Exer, (the 4 Generations) not to mention, Ms. Anna Lytics, Ms. Sue “Sis” Tems, Mr. Arturo Intelligenti, Mr. Chet G. PeTee and Ms. Diane Versity and many others, all joining to help deliver policies, programs and other actionable insights stemming from Harriet Rose Job’s new Mindset to overcome the effects of the “Evil Do-er – Ms. Connie Vid”!

THE DEATH OF HR: WHO KILLED H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) JOB? Using Technology to gain CLOUT, avoid career decline and empower your HR Organization

Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HR Job) was found dead – at her workplace. This is a police procedural – conducted by detective Marc S Miller who explores the crime beginning with crime scene photos and a list of suspects and other “persons of interest” including: “Bennie Fits” (Benefits), “Pai Roal” (Payroll), “Harry R. Is” (HRIS), Bebe Boomer (Baby Boomers), Cher Holders (Shareholder), Ed Konomy (the economy), Mel Lenial (Millennials), Sue “Sis” Stems (Systems), Senor Juan Managemento (Senior Management) and others, each having specific motives and opportunity. Find out if her death was Murder or even Suicide?

Ms. H. R. Job became a target and then victim, for among other reasons, she had minimal or no CLOUT or influence to her peers and within her organization. The book provides an anecdotal but fact based CLOUT Questionnaire, with which readers will be able to determine their own Level of CLOUT (both personal and professional).

A discussion of how to use HR technology to gain and maintain CLOUT within the HR realm and while working on teams follows. Additionally, there are chapters devoted to the rise of, and potential threat to Ms. H. R. Job, (the person and the function) by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In fact, one of the suspects is “Arturo Intelligente” – Artificial Intelligence.

Various supplemental materials are provided to help HR staff pursue new initiatives (suggested Mission Statement, and suggested Role for HR in Instilling Workforce Cyber Security Awareness), and thus continue to build CLOUT and influence in any organization. A group of emerging HR technology vendors are profiled whose major deliverable support the strong need to provide Career Management directly into the hands of each member of the workforce.

HEROIC HR: A little book with Big ideas Hardcover – May 15, 2012

Today, the HR function should be considered vital, if not critical, to the continuing success of the corporate enterprise. HR and its related activities must be interwoven with the overall strategies of the organization because all aspects of a business have an impact on its most important and unique resource: its HUMAN resource.

HEROIC HR provides a quick, easy, lively and valuable treatise on how to ensure that the HR function in your organization is viewed as a Strategic Partner. In this little book with BIG ideas you will learn how to: Move from doing Data Management to Information Craftsmanship where your HR function will provide information of strategic value to your stakeholders. Understand how HR technology with its many features and functions can support the business you are in. Find and evaluate HR technology software providers, especially in the Software-as-a-Service (Cloud) environment. This book WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF AS AN HR PROFESSIONAL: It brings you up-to-date on how HR technology enables you to generate strategic, valued information with Metrics and Dashboards.

It gives you the arguments to help you to justify expenses needed to make it happen. Provides you with helpful hints and specific details to guide you through a needs analysis and vendor evaluation initiative. Read it, give it out among your peers, give it to your direct reports, help yourself and your HR function to be perceived as Heroic.